The Project

Glass Hill is designed to fill an "affordable luxury" niche. Lots are 650 square meters
substantially larger than those of competing developments in this price class, allowing
an unusual degree of space and privacy. The site is elevated above the
surrounding plains, keeping it free of flooding and providing
roof-deck views of mountains, sea, lakes, and the pastoral
farmland surrounding the development.

Glass Hill offers 3 bedroom 350 square meters villas, furnished
to 5 star hotel standard, each with private salt water pool and
rooftop hot tub. Plans offer a minimum 200 square meters of
landscaped lawn and garden, and 21 of the 33 lots offer lagoon
or rock creek frontage. This is a stark contrast to most area
developments in Glass Hill's price range, which typically feature
homes built right to the edge of the available lot space with
neighbors on 3 sides of a block-shaped lot.

The development includes abundant common spaces, a stunning
resort, fitness centre, bar/cafe & a free shuttle service. State of the
art security and services ranging from laundry to managed
rentals are included.

This combination, in an ideal location offering easy access to golf, beach, nightlife, and the major highway link to Bangkok, offers a uniquely attractive long-term investment: secure ownership of a rapidly appreciating asset with potential for solid annual rental returns and a luxurious getaway in a prime tropical resort region, a luxury retreat and a secure asset-backed investment blended in a single affordable package.

Glass Hill’s development is being managed by Infrastructure Developments Corp, a US-listed Company with a track record of both civilian and US military construction projects in Southeast Asia, and handled by top area contractors. American-owned contractor Q Construction has built numerous international standard villas in the area, and a Thai/German legal partnership
ensures airtight ownership.